Creator Toronto's response to COVID-19


We are always prioritizing the health and safety of our team & customers. We continue to ensure the sanitization of our products and facilities. We currently have the following new handling practices: 

• All new shipments received from our suppliers are aired-out for 48 hours in order to sanitize any germs on the box surfaces

• Products are sanitized before being stocked to our inventory 

• Our team is working remotely online to practice safe social distancing

• We have extra cleaning supplies & we ensure surfaces are regularly wiped down. 

• If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at


Possible Shipment Delays


Postal companies are taking extra pre-cautionary measures in order to protect the safety of workers. Packages may go through a "sanitization period" where the package will be untouched for 24-48 hours before handling. 

Due to the increase of online orders, many couriers are facing holiday-like shipment volumes. Shipments will naturally be delayed since most delivery companies are behind schedule. 

All International Orders will be severely delayed. Most international items are being shipped via sea because most air crafts are no longer in service. 


US Orders

Due to covid-19, please expect delays of 1-2 weeks from the estimated arrival date. USPS shipping estimates are now 3-5 business days (formerly 2-4 business days). 


Canadian Orders

Please expect delays of 1-2 weeks depending on your province relative to Ontario. Expect higher delays to provinces such as AB, BC, NU, NWT, IQ. 


International Orders

Please expect delays up to 1.5 months from the estimated arrival date. We understand this may be really long, but these severe delays are happening with a lot of other businesses & shipping carriers. 

Asendia/APC/PostNL shipping estimates are now 8-75 business days (formerly 5-21 business days).